Spring 2017:

  • Economic Analysis of the Law: Economics/Legal Studies 169 (TA)

Summer 2017:

  • History of the United States Economy: Economics 125 (Grader)
  • Economic Rhetoric: Economics 197 (Reader/Grader)
  • MS in Applied Economics and Finance Math Camp: Economics 186 (Grader)

Fall 2017:

Introduction to Legal Studies: Legal Studies 10 (TA)

Introduction to U.S. and comparative legal institutions and practices. Examines diverse areas of law from torts to civil rights to international human rights. Why is America portrayed as having an activist legal culture; why is law used to decide so many questions from presidential elections to auto accidents; can law resolve disputes that, historically, have led to war and violence; is the legal system fair and/or effective, and, if so, for whom and under what conditions?

Class Meetings:

Tu & TH 3:20 – 4:25 PM Oakes Acad 105

Professor Office Hours:

My Sections:

Tu 8:30 AM – 9:35 Am Kresge Clrm 325

F 8:00 AM – 9:05 AM Cowell Acad 113

My Office Hours:


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